Having the IF output on the back of my Kenwood TS-850 I decided to use a SDR receiver to create a Panadapter

The Kenwood TS-850 with Panadapter

First I had to look for a SDR receiver, the choice went on DX-Patrol

Then for the software.
I chose HDSDR because it comes with a IF function for panadapter.
It is also capable of interacting with the DDE of Ham Radio Deluxe which I use for controlling the radio and logging.

This is the setup parameters I used to make HDSDR to work with DX-Patrol and HRD
"Options" - "RF front-End + Calibration"
In the "IF-frequency" I inserted 48,83MHz brcause the DX-Patrol has a up-conversion of 40MHz
and the Kenwood TS-850 IF frequency is 8,83MHz (sum IF + up-conversion)
The Additional Offset per Mode you have to find out yourself by comparing what your radio receives and what the SDR

A good desctiption on how to install HDSDR:

A good desctiption on how to setup HDSDR for IF panadapter: