I am located in a valley in the middle of the Swiss Alps.

Valle di Blenio, north part of Canton Ticino (TI)

In Winter.

Locator is JN46LL.

Summer view from ski plant of Nara.

Winter panoramic view from ski plant of Nara.
Click for bigger image and plant webcam.

The place is not exactly what an HAM radio operator is looking for, the horizon is all mountains,
but is the place where I was born and I grew up.
I can however work some good DX especially in the south-west direction, where I work OC via long path.

I live in TORRE, a small village at 800 m above sea level.

The population is only 280 inhabitants, but the entire community of Blenio Valley is about 5'700 people.

In the background the tower.

In Winter.

The plot of the horizon elevation angle.